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General Navigation

Navigation of the site is done primarily using the links on the menu bar near the top of the page (see image below).

Below is a brief description of what each link does.

Select Customer   There are some Highwoods Customers (Companies) who will have more than one Customer Number (particularly larger customers who may have space in more than one different property). When making payments, the information for the currently selected customer number is available. To switch to a different customer, click ‘Select Customer’ and choose a different one. Customers with only one Customer number will not need to switch as all information will default to the one available Customer number.

Open Items / Invoice Payment   This is the main screen where charges can be viewed and payments made. From here open charges and credits are displayed and are available to be selected for payment. Options for payment include ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Schedule Payment’.

Other Payments   This link is for cases where a customer would like to make a payment, but the charge is not available on the ‘Open Items’ page. A good example would be for a customer wanting to pay next month’s rent, but that charge is not available yet on the Open Items page. Highwoods generates monthly billings around a week before the first of the coming month, say the 25th. If a customer were to log in on the 22nd to pay that rent charge, it would not be available for payment on ‘Open Invoices’. The payment could still be made on the ‘Other Payments’ screen.

Maintain Scheduled Payments   Scheduled payments can be set up via ‘Open Items / Invoice Payment’ or ‘Other Payments’. To edit an existing schedule, this link can be used.

Maintain Payment Methods   Payment methods refers to the specific bank account information for the customer. Bank account information can be edited or deleted from this screen. To add bank account information, this must be done via the ‘Open Items / Invoice Payment’ or ‘Other Payments’ screens.

Payment History   This is a record of all payments made via the Paylink application. Prior payments by check, etc., will not be available from this screen.

Change Password   You may update your password at any time by using the Change Password menu. You will be forced to update your password once each year.