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Open Items/Invoice Payment

Payments that are to be made against specific charges are done via the 'Open Items/Invoice Payment' link.

The page loads with all open charges and credits by default. Items past due appear in red. The Search box in the top left can be used to filter down the list of charges/credits. The Summary box shows the Total Open Invoices and Total Open Amount. If any invoices have been selected by checking the box on the invoice line items then the Selected Invoices and Selected Invoices Open Amount are also populated. The bottom grid includes information about the specific invoices such as:
Open Amount - current unpaid portion of the invoice
Gross Amount - original amount of invoice
Invoice Date - the date the invoice was charged
Net Due Date - the date the invoice is due

To make payments, the first step is to select the specific line items that are to be paid. Once all the desired lines have been selected, those lines can be paid either as Pay Now (immediately) or set up with a Scheduled Payment for a predetermined date. If you select Pay Now, the invoices you selected will be displayed in the next screen where you can enter the required information to make the payment. In the Invoice Details box you can update the Amount To Pay and fill in a Remark. The Amount Detail box will summarize the payment to be made. When all information is complete press 'Submit Payment' button.

For more information on the scheduling (either One Time or Monthly) see the 'Scheduled Payments' FAQ Topic.