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Other Payments

Other Payments refers to payments that are made when there are no specific charges to apply a payment directly against. For example, the May rent gets posted to a customer's account around April 24th. If a customer logged into Paylink on April 20th to pay that May rent, it would not show up on the customer's ledger. The payment could still be made, but it would have to be as an 'Other Payment' (also known as Unapplied Cash). Alternatively, the customer could log in to Paylink on the 24th of April and the May rent charge would be available for payment from the 'Open Items/Invoice Payment' link.

To make an 'Other Payment' you will need to enter the Amount To Pay, Frequency and Date (will display based on the Frequency chosen). The 'Bill Code' field will always be populated with 'Unapplied Cash' and does not need to be updated.

The 'Frequency' option allows the selection of 'Pay Now' which will make a payment immediately, 'One Time' which will schedule a payment once on a predetermined date, and 'Monthly' which will allow the creation of a recurring monthly payment.

For more information on the scheduling (either One Time or Monthly) see the 'Scheduled Payments' FAQ Topic.