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Scheduled Payments

Payments can be created as 'Pay Now' (immediate), or as 'Scheduled'. Scheduled payments fall into 2 categories - either 'One Time' or 'Monthly'.

One Time payments are scheduled and will be process only once on the date selected when the payment was set up.

Monthly payments are processed on the same day of the month every month (or the last day of month in cases where a payment is scheduled on the 31st and a month only has 30 or less days). Monthly payments are processed until one of two things happens. If the monthly scheduled payment is tied to a specific charge on the customer's account, once the charge has no balance, the monthly payment will stop. If the monthly scheduled payment is an 'Other Payment' (meaning it is not associated with a particular charge), the monthly payment will stop when the stop date at the time the monthly payment was set up is reached.

To create a Scheduled Payment against a specific charge, the 'Open Items/Invoice Payment' link is used. The charge to be paid via a scheduled payment is selected, then click the button 'Scheduled Payment'. In the Invoice Details box you will need to enter Amount to Schedule, Frequency (One Time or Monthly) and Pay On/Start Date. The Amount Detail box will summarize the payment to be made. When all information is complete press 'Submit Payment' button.

To create a Scheduled Payment where there is no open charge, the 'Other Payments' link is used. From this page, either Pay Now (immediate), One Time, or Monthly can be selected. You will need to enter Amount To Pay and Frequency. Depending on the Frequency chosen you will need to enter the date fields:
Pay Now Frequency - no date required, payment is made immediately
One Time Frequency - enter the 'Pay On' date
Monthly - enter the 'Start Date' and 'End Date'

To edit scheduled payments, the 'Maintain Scheduled Payments' link can be used. Scheduled payments cannot be created at this link, they can only be edited or stopped.